Please take a listen to some of our recent recordings, The Warm Up & Put A Little Stank On It are Copyright 2015, The Barn Cats, (Verdi, Rausch, London, Rocklin). Strut Your Stuff is Copyright 2015 Jim Verdi, Tom Rausch.  Just Kissed My Baby written and composed by Ziggy Modeliste, Arthur “Red” Neville, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, Jr. , Out In California written by Dave Alvin. Perfectly Lonely written by John Mayer.  All Barn Cats recordings mixed & produced by Jim Verdi.

      Strut Your Stuff - The Barn Cats

      Just Kissed My Baby - The Barn Cats

      The Warm Up (2) - The Barn Cats

      Put A Little stank On It (Root-Tootie) {2} - The Barn Cats

      Out In California - The Barn Cats

      Perfectly Lonely - The Barn Cats